About Us

The SOP team is comprised of 3 sections – Management Team, Advisory Council, and Partners.

The Advisory Council is the group of passionate individuals that are at the forefronts of their respective fields and help with growing SOP’s global reach. The Advisory Council shares feedback and suggestions on the token platform, as well as the project.

The Partners of the project are companies, manufacturers, and oil well owners that are participating with SOP in various capacities to help grow.

The Management Team is the group that provides general oversight across the entire platform to ensure the project is achieving its stated goals by engaging the right partners and confirming the selection of proper fields for production, right hedges when needed, and the right equipment as and when applicable.

Some of the key members of the Management Team are listed below
Will P. Marshall
Survey & Field Management

One of the founding partners of Sommering International, Mr. Marshall has a 30+ years experience in oil field survey, analysis, and production management. Will interfaces directly with oil well owners, local operators, and manufacturers to ensure a successful transition from antiquated technology to the new green systems that are supported by the Solar Oil Project.

JJ Lundell
Acquisitions & Site Relations

Mr. Lundell has 25+ years of diversified experience in various aspects of oil production. From initial contact to acquisition and final production, Mr. Lundell has often been relied upon to run lean, profitable operations in the oil and gas industry. Most recently, he completed a successful appointment as Sr VP of Sales for one of the leading oil and gas companies where he managed multi-million dollar properties and accounts. 

Bill Papacharalampous
EU Growth and Customer Management

Bill has served in critical leadership roles in multiple industries including military, public, and private entities. As one of the pioneers of multiple business ventures in Greece, Bill's invaluable relationships and experience in furthering the project in the European markets. Bill works with the Advisory and Development teams to ensure consistent outreach of the Solar Oil Project initiatives. 

Matt Lobene
Commodity Trade & Management

An active Oil & Gas company executive, Mr. Lobene has utilized his experience in multiple large petroleum, diamond and other raw commodity transactions throughout the European, South American and Western African markets.  He has also been in the real estate market for over 15 years as a fund-raiser for real estate developers. Mr. Lobene has also been involved in manufacturing various types of business and consumer products both in the United States and overseas.  

Andrew Boulogne
Logistics and International Relations

Andrew S. Boulogne has 24 years’ experience in trading commodities, Shipping and Logistics. He has spent 16 of those years in countries ranging from South America, Central America, North America and Canada. Mr. Boulogne has capacity for structuring and implementation of complex projects requiring cross border, cultural, and language sensitivity and is fluent in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish and others.