Conversion Process


The primary catalyst for these updates is the conversion from SOAX/SOPX to CHOAS/USDC.

Moving forward, your access to SOP will be revised as follows

Non-US members: All new users will be referred to DART (CHAOS) to participate and new non-US members will not be accepted. Existing non-US members will be given the option to convert to CHAOS (in part or whole) by connecting their DART account to their existing SOP account.

US members: Your account will be marked for conversion and you will receive login information to the Dart platform (the issuer of CHAOS). You will be required to submit proof of accreditation and will receive the converted CHAOS.

For US members that are not accredited (representing less than 5% of SOP), all the funds allocated by you will be returned to you at the current USD value including any fees.

For example, if you participated via BTC 9 months ago, even though BTC is down by 70%, you will receive the USD value, not the reduced btc equivalent. As such, for vast majority of the users, this will present a significant gain given the current markets.

CHAOS, like SOP is backed by actual commodity production. However instead of just Oil, it also has electricity, natural gas, and liquidation assets built into it. CHAOS posts a daily estimated dividend which is paid directly to your wallet every month. As opposed to SOAX, there is no 10 year locked term.

More details on CHAOS can be found here